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Date Added: Dec 12, 2017 05:24 AM
Description: The fritzbot-dev is a branch of the fritzbot ET mod by Maleficus. The separate directory allows for unpure testing without affecting the fritzbot trunk.

This waypoint pack file includes 64 map waypoints for supported Enemy-Territory maps. It does not include any official released waypoints (see for official waypoint paks). It does not include any single waypoint releases,

It does include pre-betas, WIP and Test grade waypoints from the waypointer foldere of waypointer TomTom. A second part 4b will be forthcoming in 2018.

This, the 1st part of waypointer TomTom's waypoints
snapshot for the FritzBot-dev project 2017.

Contains FritzBot-ET waypoints for 64 maps:

2dom1 **, 2hide_cal_r1,
alps_trail, am_hydro_dam, antarctica **,
base55_b1, beta_low_mount_ass, blitz,
bloody_omaha_b2, boromir_a2,
bremen_b1, bremen_b2 *,
bremen_final *, bremen_truckmod *, bulldog,
citadel, coast_b1, coldfortb1, ctf_maat_final,
desertfortress, desertrats,
destruction_final, drush,
element_b4_1 ***, eltz_beta1,
erdenberg_b2, erdenberg_t1,
falx_ctf_village_b2, frost2_final,
goldendunk_a2 **,
Haemar_b1, heli_m1_b2, heli_m2_b1,
karsiah_te2 *,
mountainpass (June 11 2016 version),
necrology_final, northpole, outpost,
parisbastille_b3, pipeline,
pirates, primesquadron, purefrag ***,
raid_b4, raid_final, Ramelle_b1,
tm_lcity_b4, tram_et, tram_rtcw, trooptrain (120) **,
uje_hospital_sniper ***, uje_mall, UJE_oasis_xmas,
uje_oil (B6?), urbanterritory44,
warmissile_beta1, warmissile_fp4, weisbaden_final,
western (Beta 1), wolken1_final,

Info is in the \Docs\waypoint packs' folders.
Creator/Author: TomTom
Version: 1 (2017-11)
File size (approximative): 1.1 MB
Last Download: Jan 21, 2022 06:35 PM
Downloads: 407
(43 Ratings) 
Tags: fritzbot-dev
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