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Sandbot v0.4.1
Date Added: Sep 10, 2017 04:11 AM
Description: - [All] Replaced botdonshoot console command with bot_shoot cvar (controls whether bots will shoot at real players).
- [Windows] Updated Windows compiler to Visual Studio 2017 (from Visual Studio 2008).
- [Linux] Updated Linux compiler to gcc 6.3.0 (from I'm not sure what - gcc 4.8.2? gcc 4.9.0?).
- [Linux] Added a bunch of extra gcc flags to better optimise the code (thanks RoboCop@Bots United).
- [Linux] Tidied up the Makefile.
- [Linux] Added debug symbol generation to Makefile.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots will now move at walk speed instead of sprinting everywhere.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots will now say when they're reloading.
- [Opposing Force] Added Opposing Force CTF support.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots will now say when they're reloading.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots are now slightly less accurate to compensate for the fact their vision isn't reduced in dark areas.
Creator/Author: Team Sandpit
Version: v0.4.1
Screenshot: Screenshot
Last Download: Mar 23, 2023 12:53 AM
Downloads: 1160
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