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Latest RCBOT2
Date Added: May 01, 2013 11:15 AM
all mods: please move rcbot2 folder to users home folder i.e. /users/ or ~/
all mods: Vfilesystem update
all mods: rcbot2 sv_tag
all mods: rcbot_ffa cvar , if 1 bots shoot each other disregarding teamplay
all mods: fixed bug with bots jumping etc at the wrong position
all mods: new debugging command 'rcbot debug hud' if 1, shows your debug bot info on screen
tf2 : fixed engineer facing the correct way when building
tf2 : fixed crash bug with engineer
hl2dm: bots use ammo crates if they need ammo
hl2dm: bots using buttons for lifts in hl2dm (need lift waypoints)
hl2dm: bots dont shoot explosive oildrum breakables
hl2dm: bots shoot breakables in the way
hl2dm: bots go to snipe points if they have crossbow
dod:s : bots prone when sniping on prone waypoints
dod:s : added prone waypoint
dod:s : machine gun changes -- bots shouldn't shoot from afar without deploying


all: using optimized sin/cos
all: fixed random crash to do with weapons (all mods)
all: fixed, all mods: weapon updating
all: fixed bug - bots not listening to other players (improves combat)
all: fixed 'you do not have access to command' after map change (all mods)
all: fixed divide by zero error
all: fixed waypoint radiuses not being updated when bots touched waypoints
all: changed bot touch waypoint behaviour

waypointing: automatically add crouch waypoint if player is holding crouch button
waypointing: added waypoint add e.g. rcbot waypoint add sniper 3 (adds sniper waypoint at area 3)
waypointing: added pathwaypoint removefromto , and pathwaypoint createfromto commands
waypointing: smaller crouch waypoints

tf2: spies attack enemies on the point when disguised
tf2: spy detection changes (if enemy is disguised as team spy and decloaks they don't detect the spy as long as everything else checks out)
tf2: spies uncloaking when capturing point / spies defending point by attacking any enemy on point within a distance (cvar)

dods: extra waypoints for stock maps thanks to genmac (alencore)
dods: bot's step back from bombs before they explode better
dods: fixed a class bug where bots just stood still and did nothing
dods: added command rcbot_nocapturing for custom maps/modes
dods: bots can plant bombs that block paths (new waypoint 'bombtoopen')
dods: bot choose to plant bombs in less dangerous capture points
dods: defending/sniping - bots will crouch at crouch waypoints
dods: improved flag/bomb detection/fixed number of capture points bots thought were available
dods: bots support flag and bomb capture points on the same map
dods: support for shooting breakable objects (new commands rcbot_shoot_breakable_dist, rcbot_shoot_breakables)
dods: fixed bots interrupting other bots defusing or planting


- fixed waypoint visibility table saving & loading
- bot belief (danger) changes
- learned bot belief is saved across maps
- opens later waypoint now works
- bug with finding enemies fixed
- getprop system updated
- CPU optimizations (requires increasing vis revs - see individual bot profiles)
- a nested move+look priority system
- general optimizations
- rewritten getprop code

- support for DOD:S
- support for capture flag maps / bomb maps
- comes with dod_anzio, dod_colmar, dod_avalanche and dod_jagd waypoints
- requires qaypoints for other maps to work for them
- bots support attacking and defending
- sniping
- machine gunning
- radio commands
- automatic class changing
- 'smart' capturing decisions
- grenade throwing
- understand smoke grenades
- bots can go prone
- bots run for cover when reloading and when they see a grenade
- bots can climb up and down ladders if waypointed properly

I just need to add bomb map support and fix a few things and it should be ready


- normal weapon switching depending on ammo/distance
- bots picking up objects with grav gun and shooting enemies
- ladder climbing
- sprinting
- bots jumping over obstacles
- bots using chargers (armor/health)

- hooks player move function so all the pyro/gravity/rocket jump/double jump/hw guy bugs are fixed
- doesn't crash when tf bot is added
- engineers move their buildings
- sniper bug fixed when they look into the sky before sniping
- waypoints for some event maps and others (thanks community)
- many medic improvements
- bots fight halloween bosses (added cvar rcbot_bossattackfactor)
- bots shout 'activate uber' when being healed and can be ubered if they want to be ubered
- spies choose diguise classes better
- engineers place dispensers more reliably
- spies cloaking/decloaking better when they see an enemy
- bots push on overtime and when nearby players say 'go go go' or 'move up'
- spy cloaking changes
- heavy minigun rev up changes
- bots only shoot when nearly looking at enemy (added cvar rcbot_enemyshootfov)
- bots dont listen to medics using medi guns or engineers using wrench
- fixed bots aim jitter in tf2
- engineer on blue team (attack map) bug fixed when wanting to place teleports
- bots no longer pick up health if they are being healed by a medic

update: waypoints for some event maps and others (thanks community)
change: medic improvements
added: bots fight halloween bosses (added cvar rcbot_bossattackfactor)
added: bots shout 'activate uber' when being healed and can be ubered if they want to be ubered
change: spies choose diguise classes better
change: engineers place dispensers more reliably
change: general optimizations
change: rewritten getprop code
change: spies cloaking/decloaking better when they see an enemy
change: a nested move+look priority system
change: bots push on overtime and when nearby players say 'go go go' or 'move up'
change: spy changes
change: bots only shoot when nearly looking at enemy (added cvar rcbot_enemyshootfov)
change: bots dont listen to medics using medi guns or engineers using wrench
fix: bots aim jitter in tf2
fix: engineer on blue team (attack map) bug fixed when wanting to place teleports
fix: bots no longer pick up health if they are being healed

- fix for TF2 update
- implemented lift waypoint (bots dont think theyre stuck on them)
- interface changes so RCBot2 may be more compatible with other non supported mods for testing

- fix for TF2 update

- added support for simple Special Delivery mode
- added waypoints for sd_doomsday (Edited from Fillmore's)
- added waypoint type 'flagonly' (only bots with the flag can go this way)
+ useful for special delivery type maps
- added waypoint type 'noflag' (if bots have a flag it will be dropped here)
+ useful to stop bots taking shortcuts that might go through a respawn area

0.6 private Beta
- spies only remove disguise on the flag point
- engineers stop trying to upgrade buildings when they are out of metal
- flag carriers don't melee
- spies only voluntarily lose their disguise at the flag point if it isn't carried by a team member
- more chance of medic ubering
- more chance of bots facing their last enemy when looking for them
- engineers crouch when building for the first time to upgrade the building
- bots follow flag carriers always
- spy bots attack engineers if their buildings are sapped
- bots detect spies on contact (if they get stuck and see them)
- bots go back to defend the push cart if it is being pushed
- fixed engineers not looking at their sentries while looking after them
- fixed bots not going to cart sometimes
- fixed bot teleporter issue
- fixed rcbot control command crash
- avoid code improved
- added rcbot_avoid_radius / rcbot_avoid_strength commands
- bots say 'thanks' if you upgrade their bulidings
- new bot utility system, max/min utilities can be changed by an external CSV (excel compatible) file
- i.e. flexible bot behaviour that the user can control for certain types of maps (e.g. attack defend)
this will give the engineer bots (for example) hints on what to build first in an attack map as opposed to a defend map
and scouts whether to go for the flag/cart or just plain roam around
this will be added by included two CSV files (attack/normal - i.e. defend) that can be edited in excel, or notepad, or any other csv editor
- attack_util.csv in config folder
- normal_util.csv in config folder
- higher priority for bots to shoot enemies attacking the point
- source change: easier for bots to say and hear all voice commands

- TF2: bots already capturing the point don't return to defend points if they're being captured
- Orange Box: compatible with orange box HL2DM and other orange box mods
- returned bot spawn system back to normal for mods other than TF2

- hwguys rev mini gun at dangerous locations
- spies no longer trie to shoot sentries/instead focus on sapping/attacking the engi
- added: rcbot_rocket_pred command , a multiplier for
adding prediction to soldier rockets/demoman grenades. default: 0.45
- fixed: spies try not to uncloak when enemy is facing them
- bots use dispensers more
- bots change classes automatically (use rcbot_change_classes 1 command)
- bots no longer cry SPY when a player is disguised as their enemy team
- new waitopen waypoint type for arena/koth maps where waypoints can only be used once the point is open
must use :arena_point_time: in script
- updated waypoints for koth_nucleus , koth_viaduct, cp_steel and more
- + various spy tweaks
- fixed: a loop in medic behaviour
- changed: weapon selection method in TF2
- waypoint belief change / route waypoints chosen based on bot's belief
- waypoint belief change / waypoints bots took change belief when they get killed
- add: new ":attack_defend_map:1" in bot map script to let bots know reds are defending on this map
- spies sap teleporters

- engineers favour building sentries up to level 2 before
building a teleporter exit (attacking engineers don't worry)
- bots detect uncloaking spies
- spies use sappers
- snipers fixed
- spies backstabbing improved
- engineers remove sappers from sentries & dispensers
- default rcbot_anglespeed value reduced to 8
- spy notice time reduced significantly
- spies plan to backstab from afar
- fixed memory leak
- medics try to heal more often
- demomen place & detonate stickies
- new command "rcbot waypoint show " (shows a line to a waypoint ID)
- fixed cp_steel and pl_goldrush waypoints
- new config.ini for setting up bot cvars
- fixed defending payload bomb in cart maps

0.546 beta!
- fixed bug with pathfinding

0.545 beta!
- fixed with latest Tf2 update
- engi's build teleporters again
- bots use teleporters again
- improved engineer building detection

0.54 beta
- works with latest TF2 updates
- engineers don't listen to things when building
- improved path finding algorithm speed

0.53 BETA
- added: allowed bots to take different routes (needs updated waypoints with "route waypoints")
(Works with supplied cp_dustbowl waypoints)
- fixed: spies remove disguise when trying to capture point
- added: arena_point_time:
Creator/Author: [rcbot]Cheeseh
Version: 0.72
File size (approximative): 5MB
Last Download: Dec 03, 2023 11:24 PM
Downloads: 24824
(103 Ratings) 
Tags: rcbot2,tf2,bot,team, fortress, 2,rcbot
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