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ODD Bot version 1.8.1mm (Win32, Steam, metamod)
Date Added: Dec 07, 2004 01:33 PM
Description: The ODD Bot is a bot for Team Fortress Classic, Front Line Force, Science & Industry and a few other mods, created by Spyro out of botman's HPB_bot template. It is compatible with the HPB_bot waypoints. Since Spyro left the bot coding scene in 2001, Bots United has realized a quick port of his bot to Steam and metamod to make it compatible with the new versions of Half-Life and TFC. It works on Windows only so far, but source code is provided with the bot if someone wants to port it to Linux.
NOTE: as of december 13, 2004 some crash bugs have been found and fixed in the bot. Those who have downloaded it in the meantime may want to download it again.
Creator/Author: Brendan 'Spyro' McCarthy
Version: 1.8.1mm
File size (approximative): 1.9 Mb
Last Download: Apr 13, 2024 01:57 PM
Downloads: 4895
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