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Podbot mm waypoints for standard CS maps
Use these waypoints instead these from pb R2.1.
29912 Dec 14, 2004
PBMM Waypoints for aim_ak-colt-cyber
Req by [WTJ]GarlicSoldier
3215 Oct 01, 2006
Waypoints for the 52h 'Ponyhof' Top-10 Mappack
This pack includes waypoints for all the maps of the top-10 pack, including 2 maps that were included as bonus, and yet another map by SoUlFaThEr that was too good not to be included.
3142 Sep 27, 2005
Waypoints for de_cevo_crete
A map made for the Cyber Evolution map contest.
2004 May 15, 2005
Waypoints for de_temple_of_toon
A unique map with cartoon textures and moving bomb spots waypointed.
2005 May 10, 2005
Waypoints for de_toledo_beta1
Waypoints for this beautiful map full of rooftop action.
1792 May 05, 2005
Waypoints for de_boxcod
A small map in the vein of de_indust.
1812 May 03, 2005
Waypoints for de_chernobyl
Chernobyl... a bad place to go, but a good place to frag. :D
2034 May 03, 2005
Waypoints de_rats
Waypoints for podbot mm
5247 Apr 30, 2005
Waypoints for de_iridium
PODBot mm waypoints for Slackiller's great map
2076 Apr 29, 2005
CS:CZ Waypoint Pack, Part 2: All other maps
The second half of the pack has all the official CZ maps plus some from the leaked beta waypointed, plus a bonus file!
6368 Mar 13, 2005
CS:CZ Waypoint Pack, Part 1: The CS 1.6 CZ maps
This has the CZ versions of the well-known CS maps waypointed.
7082 Jan 26, 2005
Waypoints for de_ritual2 (both versions of the map)
Since there's a new version of the map, I tweaked the old WP file to fit the new map and included both WPs in this ZIP. So whatever de_ritual2 map you have, you'll find the correct waypoints inside.
1953 Jan 12, 2005
fy_matrix Waypoints v1.0
Waypoints for fy_matrix.
2879 Jan 08, 2005
Waypoints for de_sunny
PODBot mm waypoibnts for Coucouoeuf's great ESL map
2176 Jan 02, 2005
Waypoints for de_eggfartnight
PODBot mm waypoint for this de_inferno lookalike map
1792 Jan 01, 2005
Waypoints for de_christmas
PODBot mm waypoints for a great winter / christmas map.
2033 Dec 27, 2004
Waypoints for cs_italy_remake
PODBot mm waypoints for the map "cs_italy_remake"
2232 Dec 25, 2004
Waypoints for de_halla
PODBot mm waypoints for Blazeeer's great map!
2044 Dec 20, 2004
PB mm waypoints for the clan[00] birthday pack
Includes waypoints for de_dangel, de_oimec and 2 versions for asde_montana
2826 Dec 12, 2004
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