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Metamod binaries
The metamod server-side Half-Life MOD itself
Metamod/HL-SDK sources
Metamod/HL-SDK sources (also working with Linux and Steam)


  File Downloads Date Added
NextMap plugin
Switch immediately to the next map in your mapcycle.txt using a new server command.
1336 Apr 26, 2004
MaxHumans plugin
This plugin limits the number of human players allowed to enter a server.
1315 Apr 26, 2004
MapEdit plugin
Add/remove spawn points and simple entities in your maps, and save the resulting map back to disk!
1668 Apr 26, 2004
LogFix plugin
This plugin enables bots to log stats onto HLStats servers
1280 Apr 26, 2004
Half-Life IRC plugin
chat with your players from an IRC channel, and chat to an IRC channel while playing the game!
1623 Apr 26, 2004
Headshot plugin
Allows/disallows gun shots to hit certain parts of the body.
1895 Apr 26, 2004
Hacksmith plugin
A plugin that used to run on the formerly famous Scrap Iron series of bot servers.
1287 Apr 26, 2004
GetGameDirFix plugin
This one enables you to play with pre-CS 1.5 bots on CS 1.5
1283 Apr 26, 2004
ForceTeams plugin
Forces a team/skin selection for players AND bots in CS
1354 Apr 26, 2004
ExtraNade plugin
Ever dreamed of carrying 10 HE grenades in Counter-Strike ?
1702 Apr 26, 2004
EndRound plugin
This plugin enables you to force a round end in CS thanks to a new server command
1327 Apr 26, 2004
Damage plugin
A plugin that can multiply the severity of wounds players get during the game according to a given factor
1436 Apr 26, 2004
Bleeding plugin
A plugin to make players bleed more in Counter-Strike
2267 Apr 26, 2004
BotAim plugin
A metamod plugin that improves aiming on most bots
1732 Apr 26, 2004
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